People often ask, “how did you come to yoga?”

I authentically share that my first experience was the pits!  I couldn’t believe people actually thought downdog was a resting place.  It felt awkward and odd and I didn’t return for two years.


Ultimately, I opted to get back on the mat and try it out again.  And, this time is was very different.  It was still awkward and odd, yet inviting and, dare I say, intriguing.


That trigger-started my yoga journey; although, over the years of learning, experiencing, and researching, I’ve come to realize I’ve always been a yogi on some level.  The practice just simply

dusted away the layers that kept it hidden.


Elizabeth Ella

Best friends


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Where that led me …

After receiving my 200-hour certification, I dove into the biomechanics of human movement and the therapeutic effects.


I began to study with respected teachers such as Leslie Kaminoff, Doug Keller, Libby Henson, and Susi Hately on compensations we make due to injuries, diseases, and discomforts then delved into

ways to alleviate chronic pain. 


100-hours of my studies has been devoted to Paul Grilley’s approach to Yin in order to gain a deep appreciation for our connective tissues and subtle body. 


I sat in on Gil Headley’s human dissection lectures

and geek’ed out to countless studies and volumes of research.


I became intrigued with structural variations, mental strongholds, diseases and common discomforts, stress reduction, and mindful perspectives.


I studied over 700 hours of both active and quiet applications of yoga movement.


When applying these components to students and clients, I saw more than I expected come about. 

Not only did their bodies free up and move with confidence so did their lives. 


Stories of strength and resilience have been shared with me time and time again.  From newbies to seasoned practitioners, prenatal to seniors, those in pain and those in complete comfort,

all had a yoga story.


From Toronto to Nicaragua, I’ve studied and shared the practice of freeing up our bodies and minds with functional movement, intentional breathing, and soulful living perspectives.


And I continue learning as I reach toward my 500-hour yoga certification with a focus on therapeutic movement and an accreditation as a Corrective Exercise Specialist,

through my inspiring teachers, and from my amazing clients!