Shedding the Stress

Shared a 6-week Stress Reduction Yoga Series to a team of colleagues, friends, and family to address the added pressures of Covid-19. As part of my own destined life, I felt it was important to support my community by addressing techniques to reduce physical and mental tension during an incredibly unique time for us all.

This is an excerpt from the Week Three session called Opportunity Mindset

Opportunity Mindset

Happy Friday, all!

Any chance your week has had a stressor or two in it?

Stressors can show up as Obstacles ... a bad health report, an abrupt change in your finances, a disagreement with your partner, your child returning to school. We've all have felt the stress of an Obstacle.

But what if I told you there was a way to face that Obstacle. As much as you and I both would like to bury our Obstacles and move on, that's just not possible. But what else can we do???

There is another way!!!

What if you could learn how to transition your focus from the Obstacle to the Opportunity?

Today will dive into this on our mats as we play with poses that will be a bit more dynamic, but in those places we'll look for areas that build an Opportunity Mindset.

What's does your mat have in store for you today?? Care to learn a new way to conquer stress??

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