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Small Group Craftings

Let's build a community

Specialty and Small Group Ideas:

  • Silver Social Hours
    (great for our seniors!)

  • Foursome of Golfing Buddies

  • Let go, my Preggos
    (fantastic opportunity for our sweet pregnant momas to let go of the tension and create vitality)

  • Namaste in the Neighborhood

  • Create your own!

Do you have a few friends that you would prefer to practice with?  Possibly some neighbors, golfing buddies, or some pregnant girlfriends?? 

Having a community to practice with is ideal!!  Not only is there a common thread of passion and interests, it’s about creating a safe place to grow and feel supported while learning new things and ways of being.  Community can be amazingly fruitful! 

Yoga Coaching

Prefer something a bit more personal?

Ideal for:

  • Newcomers to yoga

  • Have or recovering from a injury

  • Prefer something that's more personal to your own nature

  • Those with special attention area
    (chronic pain, ailment, or unique physical structure)

  • Desire to unearth those gifts, talents, and resources and learn to apply them daily

As your personal Yoga Coach, I’m there to guide you and open insight.  I fold in nearly 800 hours advanced training in biomechanics and yoga principals with 9 years of teaching experience to create sound and safe programs specially tailored to you. 


Whether it is an accountability partner or cheerleader, I’ve got you!  Let’s create the life you are destined for!!  

Corporate Yoga Programs

Be a Leading Influencer

Corporate Series addresses:

  • Keeping cool in challenging moments

  • Put a zing in your afternoon slump to reduce fatigue

  • Stress reduction techniques and practices

  • Alleviate desktop aches and pains

  • Clearing the mental clutter to improve concentration

  • Creating a community and team

Corporate Yoga is unique in that it is designed to reduce tension while we uncover traits and talents within your workforce that not only bond your team, but encourage new ideas, sound decision making, and the ability to face challenges with confidence. 


All Corporate Yoga is provided via our online studio and ideal for virtual teams and those who travel.  In-person options are available in some areas.